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As a Texas company, we pride ourselves in providing the best value in the pallet industry. Our goal is to give our customers the greatest yield on their asset.

Our pallet-management services are made custom to ensure we fit your company’s needs. With exceptional customer service and dedication to providing low-cost pallet solutions, we have become leaders in the sustainable pallet industry

Pallet Supply and Retrieval

Need pallets? Have pallets to sell? We buy and sell wooden pallets. We offer the best price for your pallets and sell high-quality wooden pallets that perform for your business. We buy back 48×40” 4-way pallets, GMA pallets, EU pallets, and other common pallet sizes in a variety of grades.


Pallet Recycling & Remanufacturing

Pallet-Ops specializes in environmental, sustainable recycled pallet solutions. Recycled pallets are the cost-effective solution for the supply-chain and logistics industry. Contact us to learn more about your recycled and remanufactured pallet options.

Custom Pallet Design

Our pallets are designed with your business in mind. We provide a variety of pallet sizes with the ability to customize so that our pallets are the cost-efficient solution for your supply chain needs. These pallets provide you with value through consistent quality and performance.


Onsite Pallet Management

Our onsite pallet services include: pallet retrieval, lease pallet management, and pallet repair and return. With our 70 plus years of combined logistical experience, we have the technical and financial expertise to create custom reverse loops within our customers’ established area of operations.

Export Certification

The Port of Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas industries are strategically located in the global economy and unitized shipping of goods is more prevalent than ever. Pallet-Ops are the experts in pallet and wood packaging export certification. Our products are export-ready with the capability to Heat Treat to meet the ISPM 15 guidelines.


Need a customized pallet solution to make your business more efficient?

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