Pallet-Ops are the experts in wooden pallet recycling services industry. We provide recycled, remanufactured, and custom wooden pallets to meet our customers’ needs.

We have customized pallet programs to lower the cost of the pallet supply chain within our customers’ logistical ecosystem.

With quick access to our local resources and fleet of trailers, we respond quickly to your company’s supply-chain demands.


Recycled Pallets

Our recycled pallets allow you to save money and shipping costs. Used wood pallets from Pallet-Ops can be supplied in various sizes, including the popular 48”x40” GMA pallet. These cost-effective recycled pallets are processed through an automated system, providing a quality product that can be used again and again. Recycled pallets can help you be more environmentally friendly in shipping and more efficient in production.
Pallet Sizes Industries Product Type
48”x40” GMA Pallet Grocery and General Warehousing Recycled to Grade
48”x40” Grocery and General Warehousing Recycled and Remanufactured
42”x42” Energy, Chemical, Oil & Gas Recycled and Remanufactured
48”x48” Drum and Totes Storage/Transport Recycled and Remanufactured
36”x36” Beverage and Other Product Recycled and Remanufactured
48”x45” Automotive, Resin, Raw Goods Recycled and Remanufactured
Custom Size Any Remanufactured and New

Custom Pallets

If you need more than just recycled GMA pallets, our custom pallets are built from quality materials and showcase precision workmanship. Pallet-Ops can help you determine the most cost-effective product, then provide custom-sized pallets for any circumstance, just about anywhere in the U.S. Our company is certified to Heat Treat our products to ISPM 15 guidelines.


Need a customized pallet solution to make your business more efficient?

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